About US

Experienced from factory to install

We are a friendly company with 20 plus years in the industry serving the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. I started installing blinds on the side for a friend’s company back in 2001-ish. The company sold directly to builders. Before I knew it, I sold my company and became the VP of operations. We opened new markets across the US at a rapid pace. I spent many months visiting and negotiating with manufacturers overseas. I had the privilege of touring and working with all of the finest window covering factories over a 10-year period. During the housing market crash, we sold the company and I started a consulting job in Xaimen, Fujian, China working directly with a window covering manufacturer.

What we do now

We have taken the relationships we built and moved our focus to retail sales. Having been in the industry for this long, it was easy to partner up with the best manufacturers in the USA. We have a strong sales and installation team supporting the company. Many of them have been in the business longer than I have. Our focus is to give you the very best customer service with the best quality product to fit your budget. We hope we get the opportunity to meet with you soon.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

It’s this simple… We are going to make sure you have an outstanding experience when dealing with us.  We survive by word of mouth. So that being said, customer satisfaction is our primary goal without question.